We make your gardens show!


Design by Cottage Gardeners

Cottage Gardeners are passionate about creating perennial landscapes of exuberant, seasonal color. We specialize in personalized design and skilled maintenance that meet each client's particular vision. We'll make your gardens show!

Flower Garden Design

We provide personal consultation and planning for a changing display of color throughout the seasons. We will work with you to identify problem areas, enhance your existing landscape, and suggest updates and renovations that will turn your hohum garden into one that says "wow!"

Experienced Garden Installation

We plant perennials, annuals and ground covers to achieve design objectives and provide seasonal color. We also offer installation and removal of trees, shrubs, rocks, soil, compost, and sod.

Flower Garden Maintenance

Our gardeners provide maintenance throughout the growing season including deadheading and pruning of flowers, rose care, fertilizing, weeding, and minor pest control. We can also add and remove plants as needed, cultivate soil, and stake or cage plants.

Container Gardening

Our dedicated container designer can add color to your patios, decks and entryways with beautiful mixed plantings for spring, summer, fall, and winter. We also offer decorative containers for purchase.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Let us take care of preparing your flower beds for spring planting and winter weather.

Bulb Planting

Following fall cleanup, we can plant tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs for a spectacular display of spring color.

Real Estate - Exterior Staging

Sometimes simply adding colorful containers or seasonal plants to your porch or entryway can add lots of curb appeal and may even speed up the sale of your home.

Commercial Design, Installation, Maintenance

We also work with commercial customers, both profit and non-profit, to help them put their best face forward, setting a positive tone to attract new customers. We offer a 10% labor discount for non-profit organizations.

Floral Arrangements

Fresh flower bouquets are available seasonally.

Holiday Decorating

Our gardeners will hang unusual wreaths, garlands and other plant-based holiday displays to make your entryway beautiful for the holidays.

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