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Cottage Gardeners Founders Founders Nancy Day and Penny Rice in Nancy's back yard (1993).
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Hi! I'm Nancy Day, owner and co-founder of Cottage Gardeners. Have you ever wondered if it's just a dream to be able to turn what you love into what you do? Had it not been for a chance conversation at a girl's night out party in 1985, I might have never met my dear friend Penny Rice, and that dream of mine may never have come true.

Our shared passion for color and a desire to do something unique, led us to start a little part-time business called Cottage Gardeners. Penny is no longer involved, but it wouldn't have happened without her!

Now in our 25th year, color is still our passion, along with a commitment to quality personal service. We have evolved into a full time business, employing up to 30, equally passionate, gardeners per season.

Cottage Gardeners featured in Sunset magazine A snapshot of Nancy's garden featured in Sunset magazine, May 2002.
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We put our passion to work by creating living landscapes that reflect each client's vision. For some, that might be subtle and tranquil, but for others, it could be a powerful, vibrant display of annuals and perennials. Our goal is to not only help you decide what you want from your landscape, but show you how to make it happen.

I invite you to stop by and take a walk through our new display garden, featuring our favorite plants for seasonal color. The plants begin their show in March, and continue well into the fall. During the off season, please enjoy the pictures of some of our past projects on the pages of this website.

Enjoy, and Happy Gardening!

Nancy Day


Cottage Gardeners is a member of the following organizations:
Perennial Plant Association
Think Boise First
Idaho Botanical Garden
Boise Chamber of Commerce

Cottage Gardeners is proud to volunteer services at the Boise Art Museum and the Idaho Botanical Garden.

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